Chris Stromberg, Artist Of Light

ART (art) n. the use of the imagination to make things of aesthetic significance. 

CO-LOR, Br .COL-OUR1. n. a sensation experienced usually as a result of light of varying wavelengths reaching the eye.

ARTPANES are original paintings by artist Chris Stromberg that can not be duplicated due to the unique layering of colors and panes.

ARTPANES can be set to react to sound that electronically blends the colors of light with the beat of your favorite music. The painting then appears to come alive as light colors pass through the paintings colors.

ARTPANES deliver innovation, depth, colors and movement. The gem stone clarity of Chris' paints and crystalline canvas coupled with the synchronized illumination technology are all modern inventions that bring this art form into fruition. 

ARTPANES introduce an energy filled new genre' for the millennial age. A remote control allows your orchestration of the painting's enlightening performance.