Chris Stromberg, Artist Of Light

ART (art) n. the use of the imagination to make things of aesthetic significance. 

  Introducing ARTPANES, mesmerizing back-lit paintings that synchronize art, light and music. ARTPANES present an en-light-ening art perspective.

CO-LOR, Br .COL-OUR1. n. a sensation experienced usually as a result of light of varying wavelengths reaching the eye.

  ARTPANES displays continous motion, dances with your favorite music or set to your favorite still color palette.  The gem stone clarity of paints, the crystalline canvas and the sync illumination technology are all  modern inventions. ARTPANES is an energy filled new genre' for the millennial age. A twenty key remote control allows your orchestration of the painting's performance.

Clients include:

*The White House, Washington DC.            

* The Gaylord Opryland, Nashville

*Atlantis Resort, Bahamas 

*Perot Science Museum, Dallas